Malcolm McDonald on marketing planning : understanding marketing plans and strategy / Malcolm McDonald.

"A primer for marketing professionals and students, the second edition of Malcolm McDonald on Marketing Planning focuseson the practical application of marketing planning. Chapters explainadvertising and sales promotion strategies, price and sales strategies, how to define markets and segments,...

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Main Author: McDonald, Malcolm, (Author)
Other Authors: McDonald, Malcolm.
Format: Book
Published: Philadelphia, PA : Kogan Page, 2016.
Edition:Second edition.
Online Access:CONNECT
Table of Contents:
  • Preface; Important note to the reader of this book
  • please read this; 01 Let's get real; Introduction; Why competing on price is a no-no; Social media/digital; A very brief history of management; Challenges; What continuously successful companies do to meet these challenges; Actions; 02 Getting rid of that big managerial nonsense; Don't get misled by all that financial information; The limited value of forecasts and budgets; What are the components of a business plan and the role of marketing?; What marketing is and its role in continuous organizational success; Actions.
  • 03 Understand the real meaning of customer valueIntroduction; What is value?; Differentiation; Branding; Actions; 04 A very practical way to begin planning a profitable future; Where to begin?; Actions; 05 Market segmentation; An important note from the author; Introduction; Market overview; Getting started; Actions; 06 What do our customers want?; Introduction; Don't waste money on bad market research; A process for understanding what customers want (without spending money); SWOTs, not SWAGs; Guidelines for a better approach; A process and a template for doing a proper SWOT; Finally ...
  • Actions07 How to set marketing objectives; Introduction; What are marketing objectives?; How to allocate your resources effectively; What should be plotted on the Strategic Planning Matrix (SPM)?; What does 'Market Attractiveness' mean?; What does 'Our Relative Competitive Strength' mean on the horizontal axis?; How to complete this Strategic Planning Matrix; How to interpret your SPM; Assumptions; We can now set objectives for each market in the SPM; Actions; 08 How to set marketing strategies; Introduction; New product development/market extension/diversification; Marketing strategies.
  • Competitive strategies and how to beat bigger competitorsActions; 09 A step-by-step strategic planning system; Introduction; Strategic planning forms; What should appear in the strategic marketing plan?; The one-year marketing plan; Final comments; 10 How to deal with adversity; Index.