Small firms as innovators : from innovation to sustainable growth / by Helena Forsman.

"Small Firms as Innovators: From Innovation to Sustainable Growth provides a rich empirical analysis of innovation in the context of small business. The book first introduces the general innovation patterns present in small firms. It then progresses to demonstrate how these firms create and str...

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Main Author: Forsman, Helena, (Author)
Format: Book
Published: London : Imperial College Press, [2015]
Series:Series on technology management ; vol. 25.
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Table of Contents:
  • ""Contents""; ""Acknowledgments""; ""About the Author""; ""Chapter 1. Introduction""; ""Chapter 2. Innovation Patterns in Small Firms""; ""2.1 Introduction""; ""2.2 Innovation Activities in Small Firms""; ""2.3 From a Low Performer to a High Performer""; ""2.4 Business Environment-Related Characteristics""; ""2.5 Firm-Related Characteristics""; ""2.6 Chapter Summary""; ""References""; ""Chapter 3. The Capacity of Small Firms to Innovate""; ""3.1 Introduction""; ""3.2 Internal Resources to Innovate""; ""3.3 Capabilities to Innovate""; ""3.4 External Resources to Innovate""
  • ""3.5 Innovation Capacity as a Driver Towards the High Performer""""3.6 Chapter Summary""; ""References""; ""Chapter 4. From Innovations to Growth""; ""4.1 Introduction""; ""4.2 Innovation as a Source of Growth""; ""4.3 Measuring Growth in Small Firms""; ""4.4 Market-Related Growth in Small Firms""; ""4.5 Efficiency-Related Growth in Small Firms""; ""4.6 Employment-Related Growth in Small Firms""; ""4.7 Chapter Summary""; ""References""; ""Chapter 5. Towards Superior or Lost Competitiveness""; ""5.1 Introduction""; ""5.2 Competitiveness in Small Firms""; ""5.3 Different Kinds of Growers""
  • ""5.3.1 High growers versus high decliners""""5.3.2 Sustainable growers versus sustainable decliners""; ""5.3.3 Sales growers versus profit makers""; ""5.3.4 Job creators versus job destructors""; ""5.3.5 Super growers versus super decliners""; ""5.4 Chapter Summary""; ""References""; ""Chapter 6. Innovation Engine to Foster Learning in Small Firms""; ""6.1 Introduction""; ""6.2 Measuring Performance in Small Firms""; ""6.3 The Innovation Engine for Small Firms""; ""6.3.1 External innovation landscape""; ""6.3.2 Internal innovation landscape""; ""6.3.3 Innovation potential""
  • ""6.3.4 Innovation process and activities""""6.3.5 Internal and external learning processes""; ""6.3.6 Innovation performance""; ""6.4 The Use of the Innovation Engine""; ""6.5 Chapter Summary""; ""References""; ""Chapter 7. Conclusions for Moving Forward""; ""7.1 Introduction""; ""7.2 Influencing the External Innovation Landscape""; ""7.3 Towards a Fertile Internal Innovation Landscape""; ""7.4 Enhancing Innovation Potential""; ""7.5 Speeding Up the Innovation Process""; ""7.6 Learning to Innovate, Compete and Grow""; ""7.7 Multidimensional Innovation Performance""; ""7.8 Final Thoughts""
  • ""Appendix Details Behind the Figures""""A.1 Empirical Evidence""; ""A.2 Chapter 2 ' Supportive Material""; ""A.3 Chapter 3 ' Supportive Material""; ""A.4 Chapter 4 ' Supportive Material""; ""Reference""; ""Index""