The realm of the extra-human : ideas and actions / editor Agehananda Bharati.

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Corporate Author: International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences Chicago, Ill.)
Other Authors: Agehananda Bharati, Swami, 1923-1991.
Format: Book
Published: The Hague : Chicago : Mouton ; Distributed by Aldine, ©1976.
Series:World anthropology.
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Table of Contents:
  • Introduction / Agehananda Bharati
  • Spirit possession belief and social structure / Erika Gourguignon
  • Pastoral images and values in southwest Donegal / Eugenia S. Cramer
  • Ritual and religions: an ethologically oriented formal analysis / Alice B. Kehoe
  • The world/nonworld dichotomy / Jacques Maquet
  • Rituals of community in an American religious youth group meeting / E.H. Sciog
  • Techniques of control in the esoteric traditions of India and Tibet / Agehananda Bharati
  • Suffering as a religious imperative in Afghanistan / Robert L. Canfield
  • New approaches to religious ethnology, especially in Austria: main theses / Alois Closs
  • Religion and ecology among the Great Basin Indians / Åke Hultkrantz
  • Hindu ritual idiom: cosmic perspective and basic orientations / Samarendra Saraf
  • A descriptive analysis of the content of Nepalese Buddhist Pūjās as a medical-cultural system with references to Tibetan parallels / William Stablein.
  • Shamanism and world view: the case of the Ainu of the north-west coast of southern Sakhalin / Emiko Ohnuki-Tierney
  • Rituals of reversal as a means of rewiring social structure / Evon Z. Vogt
  • The place of the cactus wine ritual in the Papago Indian ecosystem / Jack O. Waddell
  • The violation of taboo and magical power / Laura Makarius
  • A rjonga curing ritual: a causal and motivational analysis / Martha B. Morris
  • Synoptic comments on religion, ethos, and science in American culture / George J. Jennings
  • In search of the miraculous at Zuni / Dennis Tedlock
  • Signs and symbols in Israeli electioneering / Shlomo Deshen
  • Inward-looking and outward-looking symbols / Grace Harris
  • Crosses and souls / Alicja Iwánska
  • Dreams as charismatic significants: their bearing on the rise of new religious movements / Vittorio Lanternari
  • Moon and reincarnation: anthropogenesis as imagined by the Surára and Pakidái Indians of northwestern Brazil / Hans Becher.
  • Creative process in ritual art: Piaroa Indians, Venezuela / Lajos Boglár
  • Ritual poetry: ceremonial songs in eastern Europe / Tekla Dömötör
  • Krou popular traditions in the Ivory Coast / B. Holas
  • Religious practices of a Mysore village / N.K. Kadetotad
  • A multiple burial custom of Korea: ch'obun / Du-hyun Lee
  • Permanence of traditional rites in the Tunisian marriage ceremony today: an interpretational approach / A. Louis
  • Aquatic rites in the Danube Straits at the Iron Gates / Ioana Ionescu-Milcu
  • Folk medicine in a settlement of the Székely People in the southern Banat region of Yugoslavia / Olga Penavin
  • Belief and cult in human prehistory / Franciszek M. Rosiński
  • Animal sacrifices in the Balkans / Anca Stahl
  • The mystery play and the carnival / G.G. Stratanovich
  • Mythic elements of petroglyph sites in the upper Ohio Valley / James L. Swauger
  • Family religion in Japan: the Ie and its religious faith / Choshu Takeda
  • Relics of paganism among the Baltic peoples after the introduction of Christianity / J.M. Jurginis
  • Epilogue / Samarendra Saraf.