The vicissitudes of totemism : one hundred years after Totem and taboo / Gérard Lucas.

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Main Author: Lucas, Gérard, (Author)
Format: Book
Published: London : Karnac Books Ltd., 2015.
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245 1 4 |a The vicissitudes of totemism :  |b one hundred years after Totem and taboo /  |c Gérard Lucas. 
264 1 |a London :  |b Karnac Books Ltd.,  |c 2015. 
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504 |a Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0 |a COVER; CONTENTS; ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS; ABOUT THE AUTHOR; PREFACE; Introduction; CHAPTER ONE An outline of the situation of totemism in anthropology in the years following the First World War; CHAPTER TWO From the 1920s to the Second World War; CHAPTER THREE Returning to the circumstances ofthe publication and translation of Totem and Taboo; CHAPTER FOUR Totemism and anthropology after the Second World War; CHAPTER FIVE Psychoanalytic interpretation: with and without the patient; CHAPTER SIX The misfortunes of ambition; CHAPTER SEVEN The evolution of practices. 
505 8 |a CHAPTER EIGHT Beyond nature and cultureCHAPTER NINE The new possibility of discussions on the principle axes of Freud's thought in Totem and Taboo; CHAPTER TEN Totem and Taboo, politics, and law; CHAPTER ELEVEN Totemic systems and totalitarianisms: the point of view of Totem and Taboo; CHAPTER TWELVE The price of murderous consent?; APPENDIX Summary of the main lines of Freud's essay; NOTES; REFERENCES; INDEX. 
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600 1 0 |a Freud, Sigmund,  |d 1856-1939.  |t Totem und Tabu. 
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