Psychological anthropology / editor Thomas R. Williams.

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Corporate Author: International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences Chicago, Ill.)
Other Authors: Williams, Thomas Rhys, 1928-
Format: Book
Published: The Hague : Chicago : Mouton ; Distributed in the USA and Canada by Aldine, [1975]
Series:World anthropology.
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Table of Contents:
  • Variations on a theme by Ruth Benedict / David G. Mandelbaum
  • The quest of the Argonauts / Lorna McDougall
  • The archaic illusion : a re-examination of Lévi-Strauss' view of the developing child / Judith K. Brown
  • The species-specific framework of man and its evolution / Daniel Krakauer
  • The Oedipus complex and the Bengali family in India (a study of father-daughter relations in Bengal) / Manisha Roy
  • Researching the psychology of culture change / Louise S. Spindler
  • Projective doll play reconsidered : the use of a group technique with rural Mexican children / John Bushnell and Donna Bushnell
  • Dreams as charismatic significants : their bearing on the rise of new religious movements / Vittorio Lanternari
  • Northern Algonkian cannibalism and Windigo psychosis / Charles A. Bishop
  • American Indian "social pathology" : a re-examination / Michael W. Everett
  • Formation of dominance hierarchies in young children / Ronald R. Omark, Monica Omark and Murray Edelman
  • Aggression in the!Ko-Bushmen / I. Eibl-Eibesjeldt
  • Cultural variability in the structuring of violence / M. Estellie Smith
  • A consideration of feud and conflict in a Mediterranean island society / Alexander Lopasic
  • Culture and the expression of emotion / E. Richard Sorenson
  • Strategies for self-esteem and prestige in Maradi, Niger Republic / Jerome H. Barkow
  • Fatalism and type of information sensitivity / Richard P. Nielsen
  • The social perception of illness in some Tunisian villages / Joel M. Teitelbaum
  • Culturally contrasting therapeutic systems of the West Sepik: the Lujere / William E. Mitchell
  • The dynamics of therapy in the lower Zaire / John M. Janzen
  • Suffering as a religious imperative in Afghanistan / Robert L. Canfield
  • Understanding ritual process in the medical setting / Jay B. Crain
  • Sex, nature, and culture in Ponapean myth / J.L. Fischer
  • Mental configurations : an approach to Guatemalan culture change / Alfredo Méndez Domínguez and Gordon Darrow
  • Some Filipino (Cebuano) social values and attitudes viewed in relation to development (a Cebuano looks at utang-na-loob and hiyâ) / Lourdes R. Quisumbing
  • Change in rank and status in the Polynesian kingdom of Tonga / Charles F. Urbanowicz
  • When brokers go broke : implications of role failure in cultural brokerage / Michael Salovesh Psychological anthropology : trends, accomplishments, and future tasks / John J. Honigmann.