Origin of matter & evolution of galaxies 2000 / editors, Taka Kajino [and others].

This work focuses on current topics in astronomy, astrophysics and nuclear astrophysics. The areas covered are: origin of the universe and nucleosynthesis; chemical and dynamical evolution of galaxies; nova/supernova and evolution of stars; astrophysical nuclear reaction; structure of nuclei with un...

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Corporate Author: International Symposium on Origin of Matter and Evolution of Galaxies Tanashi-shi, Japan)
Other Authors: Kajino, T. 1956-
Format: Book
Published: River Edge, NJ : World Scientific, ©2003.
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Table of Contents:
  • Opening address / S. Kubono (Co-Chairperson, CNS)
  • I. Early universe and chemo-dynamic evolution of galaxies. Prospects in nuclear cosmology: from the Big-Bang to supernovae / T. Kajino
  • Inhomogeneous chemical evolution in the galactic halo: supernova-induced formation of field stars and globular clusters / T. Shigeyama
  • Light elements in inhomogeneous early galaxy and their astrophysical interests / T. Suzuki
  • Prospects for very high energy [gamma]-ray astronomy with next generation imaging Čerenkov telescope / T. Kifune
  • Evolution and explosion of massive pop III stars and their nucleosynthesis / H. Umeda
  • II. Observation of elements. Presolar grains as probes of nucleosynthesis in stars and evolution of the galaxy / S. Amari
  • Nucleosynthesis of Mg and Al in globular cluster red giant stars / C. Iliadis
  • X-ray measurements of metal abundances of hot gas in clusters of galaxies / Y. Fukazawa
  • X-ray diagnosis of the galactic center abundance with an X-ray reflection nebula / H. Murakami
  • Cosmic ray observation for nuclear astrophysics: CORONA program / N. Hasebe
  • III. Stellar evolution and the nucleosynthesis: hydrostatic burning. Direct capture S-factors from asymptotic normalization coefficients / R.E. Tribble
  • Solar neutrino problem related nuclear physics experiments / W.-P. Liu
  • Coulomb dissociation of [symbol]B at 254 MeV/u for [symbol] / N. Iwasa
  • Development for the study of a cross-sectional measurement of [symbol]He-[symbol]He solar reaction / N. Kudomi
  • IV. Nucleosynthesis in explosive burning and new approach. Probing stellar explosions with radioactive beams at ORNL / M.S. Smith
  • Measuring the astrophysics rate for radiative proton capture on [symbol]Na / J. D'Auria
  • Nuclear astrophysics project with a new low-energy RIB separator CRIB: study of a critical stellar reaction [symbol] / S. Kubono
  • V. Explosion of massive stars. Physics of collapse-driven supernovae / S. Yamada
  • Protoneutron stars with kaon condensate and possibility of delayed collapse / M. Yasuhira
  • OMNIS, the observatory for multiflavor neutrinos from supernovae / R.N. Boyd
  • Observation of supernova neutrino burst at Super-Kamiokande / Y. Fukuda.
  • Can the negative mass square of the electron neutrinos be an indication of interaction with relic neutrinos? / K. Homma
  • Nucleosynthesis in hypernovae / K. Nomoto
  • Overabundance of calcium in the young SNR RX J0852-0462: evidence of over-production of [symbol]Ti / H. Tsunemi
  • X-ray spectroscopy and chemical composition in the universe / K. Koyama
  • VI. Origin of heavy elements. Neutron star mysteries / G.J. Mathews
  • Photoneutron cross sections for [symbol]Be and the [alpha]-process in core-collapse supernovae / H. Utsunomiya
  • RIKEN RI-beam factory (RIBF) project and the way to the r-process nuclei / T. Suda
  • Connection between crucial nuclear reaction rates and the modeling of accreting neutron stars / M. Hashimoto
  • VII. Neutron stars and high density matter. Unstable nuclei and an EOS table for supernovae and the r-process in a relativistic many-body approach / K. Sumiyoshi
  • Baryon superfluidity in neutron star cores / T. Takatsuka
  • Ferromagnetism of quark liquid and magnetars / T. Tatsumi
  • Kaonic nuclei and kaon condensation in neutron stars / T. Kishimoto
  • Poster session. Chemical composition and distribution of heavy elements in a supernova remnant G359.1-0.5 / A. Bamba
  • Tanashi recoil mass separator for nuclear astrophysics / H. Ishiyama
  • Collision between neutron star and axion star as a source of gamma ray burst and ultra-high energy cosmic ray / A. Iwazaki
  • Double beta decays of [symbol]Mo by ELEGANT V at Oto Cosmo Observatory / N. Kudomi
  • Nucleosynthesis in aspherical hypernova explosions and late time spectra of SN 1998BW / K. Maeda
  • Effects of jet-like explosion in SN 1987A / S. Nagataki
  • Formation and chemical dynamics of the galaxy / N. Nakasato
  • Explosive nucleosynthesis in pair-instability supernovae / J. Nakatsuru
  • X-ray observations of SNRs and hot ISM in the large magellanic cloud: the chemical enrichment of the galaxy / M. Nishiuchi
  • r-process nucleosynthesis in neutrino-driven wind: general relativistic effects and short dynamic timescale model / K. Otsuki
  • The critical role of light neutron-rich nuclei in the r-process nucleosynthesis / M. Terasawa
  • Thermodynamic properties of nuclear "pasta" in neutron star crusts / G. Watanabe.