63 ready-to-use maker projects / edited by Ellyssa Kroski.

"Librarians and makers from across the country present projects as fun as an upcycled fashion show, as practical as Bluetooth speakers, and as mischievous as a catapult. Included are projects for artists, sewers, videographers, coders, and engineers. The handy reference format will help you qui...

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Other Authors: Kroski, Ellyssa, (Editor)
Format: Book
Published: Chicago : ALA Editions, an imprint of the American Library Association, 2018.
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Table of Contents:
  • Part 1. Paper, cardboard, and crafts projects. Create your own lava lamps / by Jessica Logan
  • Host an upcycled fashion show / by Spring Lavallee
  • Do-it-yourself chain mail / by Heather Buhler
  • How to make your own cardboard standup / by Melissa Salnave
  • Hydro-dipping flower pots / by Silvia Gutierrez
  • Create magnetic slime / by Jessica Logan
  • Duct tape crafts : wallet and rose / by Catherine Blair
  • Create papercraft toys / by Catherine Blair
  • Card-making with conductive paint / by Lyssa Troemel
  • Build and launch foam rockets / by Nick Madsen
  • Create pet rocks and rock pets / by Heidi Colom
  • Part 2. Sewing and textiles projects. Fidget flannels / by Amanda Kramer
  • Sew a glowing ghost marionette / by Lyssa Troemel
  • Hand-sew a mini stuffed animal / by Leanne Posey
  • Transform a t-shirt to tote bag in ten steps / by Silvia Gutierrez
  • Yarn painting / by Jessica Logan
  • Create a woven communi-tree / by Spring Lavallee
  • Sew a zippered pencil pouch / by Lyssa Troemel
  • Sew your own flag / by Katherine Lawrence
  • Sew a pillowcase photo frame / by Silvia Gutierrez
  • Part 3. Circuitry, wiring, and wearables projects. Create e-textiles with LilyPad Arduino / by Hannah Pope
  • Create a soft circuit bracelet / by Susan Barnum
  • Create LED origami tea lights / by Susan Barnum
  • Make LED bookmarks / by Jessica Logan
  • Create an LED brooch / by Casey McCoy
  • R'Orchestra : musical instruments with Makey-Makey / by Cory Greenwood
  • Begin soldering and earn a blinking LED badge / by Laura Baker
  • Part 4. Milling, soldering, and cutting projects. Create a wooden maze with a CNC mill machine / by Erik Carlson
  • Create your own catapults / by Laura Baker
  • Laser-cut a cardboard glider plane / by Erik Carlson
  • Create a custom sign using a silhouette vinyl cutter / by Lyssa Troemel
  • Laser-cut your own greeting card / by Jacqueline R. Mitchell
  • Build a six-piece interlocking burr puzzle / by Erik Carlson
  • Create a cardboard sculpture using a laser cutter / by Jacqueline R. Mitchell
  • Create hidden treasure boxes / by Amanda Kramer and Brian Palmer
  • Build bluetooth speakers / by Brian Palmer
  • Create stamps to tell stories / by Lizzie Nolan
  • Part 6. High-tech programming and robotics projects. Scribble droid : making a robot out of found objects / by Laura Baker
  • Build solar robots / by Jessica Logan
  • Robot biomimicry / by Michael Cherry
  • 3D printing and robotics : hooks and hammers / by Michael Cherry
  • Create a DIY Raspberry Pi barcode scanner / by Tom Tran
  • Sonic Pi for creative coders / by Kate Lomax
  • Create an utrasonic speed detector / by Joe Stewart, James Bettke, Annie Stewart, and Shane Mann
  • Privacy and security awareness training with Raspberry Pi / by Kate Lomax
  • Part 7. Digital media projects
  • Make a movie in four hours / by Nick Madsen
  • Light painting / by Emily Stratford
  • Storyboarding to create films without celluloid / by Andy Horbal and Lealin Queen
  • Video editing to remix films / by Andy Horbal and Lealin Queen
  • Black history month interview project / by Sienna Cittadino
  • Hack a JPEG image / by Sienna Cittadino
  • Green screen photography / by Amelia Vander Heide
  • Create digitized sketchbooks / by Ingrid Grace
  • Part 8. 3D printing projects. Turn yourself into a chocolate lollipop! / by Sienna Cittadino
  • 3D print a bust of yourself / by Andy Horbal, Preston Tobery, and Yitzhak Paul
  • Create your own board game / by Jessica Logan
  • Create 3D prints on fabric / by Hannah Pope
  • 3D print a marionette / by Lyssa Troemel
  • 3D print characters for stop-motion films / by Michael Cherry
  • Hack a 3D print / by Susan Barnum
  • Turn 2D graphics into 3D prints / by Susan Barnum
  • Create your own 3D designs / by Samantha Trinh
  • Create a 3D touch exhibit display for the library / by Juan Denzer.