The story of the dinosaurs in 25 discoveries : amazing fossils and the people who found them / Donald R. Prothero.

In The Story of the Dinosaurs in 25 Discoveries, Donald R. Prothero tells the fascinating stories behind the most important fossil finds and the intrepid researchers who unearthed them. He weaves together the dramatic tales of dinosaur discoveries with what modern science now knows about the species...

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Main Author: Prothero, Donald R., (Author)
Format: Book
Published: New York : Columbia University Press, [2019]
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Table of Contents:
  • I. In the beginning. Megalosaurus: the "great lizard," the "Scrotum humanum," and the first named dinosaur ; Iguanodon: Gideon Mantell, Louis Dollo, and the first dinosaur fauna ; Cetiosaurus: the "whale lizard," Richard Owen, and the first known sauropod ; Hadrosaurus: Joseph Leidy and the first American dinosaur ; Eoraptor: the first dinosaurs
  • II. The long-necked giants: the sauropods. Plateosaurus: ancestors of the giants ; Apatosaurus and Brontosaurus: Marsh, Cope, and the Bone Wars ; Diplodocus: the real "Jurassic Park" and Carnegie's gift ; Giraffatitan: the tallest of the tall, and the Tendaguru ; Patagotitan: who's the biggest of them all?
  • III. Red in tooth and claw: the theropods. Coelophysis: the little dinosaur of Ghost Ranch ; Cryolophosaurus: denizen of the polar darkness ; Spinosaurus: lost giants of Egypt ; Tyrannosaurus: king of the tyrant reptiles ; Giganotosaurus: biggest predator of all? ; Deinocheirus: "terrible hands" lead to big surprises ; Velociraptor: "terrible claws" and the dinosaur renaissance ; Sinosauropteryx: feathered dinosaurs and the origin of birds
  • IV. Horns and spikes and armor and duck beaks: the ornithischians. Heterodontosaurus: the origin of ornithischians ; Stegosaurus: the "roofed lizard' and the thagomizer ; Ankylosaurus: armored dinosaurs and "Mr. Bones" ; Corythosaurus: duckbills with headgear ; Stegoceras: the "unicorn dinosaur" and the boneheads ; Protoceratops: the griffin legends and the origin of horned dinosaurs ; Triceratops: the "dinosaurian bison" and the last of the dinosaurs.