The Martian surface : composition, mineralogy, and physical properties / Jim Bell, editor.

Phenomenal new observations from Earth-based telescopes and Mars-based orbiters, landers, and rovers have dramatically advanced our understanding of the past environments on Mars. These include the first global-scale infrared and reflectance spectroscopic maps of the surface, leading to the discover...

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Other Authors: Bell, Jim, (Editor)
Format: Book
Published: Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2008.
Series:Cambridge planetary science series ; new ser., 9.
Online Access:CONNECT
Table of Contents:
  • Exploration of the Martian surface : 1992-2007 / L.A. Soderblom and J.B. Bell III
  • Historical context : the pre-MGS view of Mars' surface composition / W.M. Calvin and J.F. Bell III
  • Martian surface chemistry : APXS results from the Pathfinder landing site / C.N. Foley [and others]
  • Mars Exploration Rovers : chemical composition by the APXS / J. Brückner [and others]
  • Elemental abundances determined via the Mars Odyssey GRS / W.V. Boynton [and others]
  • Volatiles on Mars : scientific results from the Mars Odyssey Neutron Spectrometer / W.C. Feldman [and others]
  • Mineralogy of the Martian surface from Mars Express OMEGA observations / J.-P. Bibring and Y. Langevin
  • Visible to near-IR multispectral orbital observations of Mars / J.F. Bell III [and others]
  • Global mineralogy mapped from the Mars Global Surveyor Thermal Emission Spectrometer / P.R. Christensen [and others]
  • The compositional diversity and physical properties mapped from the Mars Odyssey Thermal Emission Imaging System / P.R. Christensen [and others]
  • Mars' crustal magnetization : a window into the past / M.H. Acuña, G. Kletetschka, and J.E.P. Connerney
  • Multispectral imaging from Mars Pathfinder / W.H. Farrand [and others]
  • Mars Exploration Rover Pancam multispectral imaging of rocks, soils, and dust at Gusev crater and Meridiani Planum / J.F. Bell III [and others]
  • The mineralogy of Gusev crater and Meridiani Planum derived from the Miniature Thermal Emission Spectrometers on the Spirit and Opportunity rovers / S.W. Ruff [and others]
  • Iron mineralogy and aqueous alteration on Mars from the MER Mössbauer spectrometers / R.V. Morris and G. Klingelhöfer
  • Magnetic properties of Martian surface materials / W. Goetz [and others]
  • Martian meteorites as crustal samples / H.Y. McSween Jr.
  • The thermal inertia of the surface of Mars / M.T. Mellon, R.L. Fergason, and N.E. Putzig
  • Physical properties of the Martian surface from spectrophotometric observations / J.R. Johnson [and others]
  • In situ observations of the physical properties of the Martian surface / K.E. Herkenhoff [and others]
  • Martian surface properties from joint analysis of orbital, Earth-based, and surface observations / M.P. Golombek [and others]
  • Implications of observed primary lithologies / G.J. Taylor [and others]
  • Aqueous alteration on Mars / D.W. Ming, R.V. Morris, and B.C. Clark
  • The sedimentary rock cycle of Mars / S.M. McLennan and J.P. Grotzinger
  • Martian polar processes / T.N. Titus [and others]
  • Astrobiological implications of Mars' surface composition and properties / D.J. Des Marais, B.M. Jakosky, and B.M. Hynek
  • The future of Mars exploration / J.F. Bell III.