Phono-cylinders / edited [by] and from the collection of George A. Blacker.

Presents reissues of recordings, principally from Edison phonocylinders, with everything "from cornball comedy to military band selections to serious political speeches."

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Other Authors: Blacker, George A.
Format: LP Audio
Published: N[ew] Y[ork] C[ity] : Folkways Records, [1961]
Table of Contents:
  • Sound selections from "A country girl" (London Regimental Band)
  • Daybreak at Calamity Farm (Len Spencer & Gilbert Girard)
  • Tramp, tramp, tramp (Byron G. Harlan, Frank C. Stanley & chorus)
  • Dream of the rarebit fiend (Edison Military Band)
  • Immortality (excerpt from lecture "The prince of peace") (William Jennings Bryan)
  • The village seamstress (Elene Foster)
  • Kerry Mill's barn dance band
  • The ragtime drummer (James Lent)
  • I'm afraid to come home in the dark (Arthur Collins)
  • Unlawful trusts (William Howard Taft)
  • When I was 21 & you were sweet 16 (Walter Van Brunt)
  • Hermit's bell overture (Maillart) (American Symphony Orchestra)
  • Waiting at the church (Ada Jones)
  • Rip Van Winkle meets Meenie (Joseph Jefferson).
  • In the good old steam boat days (Murry K. Hill)
  • That's where I come in (Edward M. Favor)
  • Farmer & the businessman (Theodore Roosevelt)
  • A confidential chat (Press Eldridge)
  • Old Daddy Pegleg (New York Military Band)
  • The girl who threw me down (Edward M. Favor & chorus)
  • I used to be afraid to come home in the dark (Billy Murray)
  • Laughing song (George W. Johnson)
  • I've told his missus all about him (Helen Trix)
  • The baseball girl (Miss Ray Cox)
  • For you alone (U.S. Everlasting)
  • Street piano medley (August Molinari)
  • Mouse & the clock (Edison Concert Band)
  • House cleaning time (Ada Jones & Len Spencer)
  • B.P.O.E. (Elk's song) (Nat M. Wills).