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  • 'Will you walk into my parlor?" said a Spider to a Fly, "Tis the prettiest little parlor that ever you did spy; You've only got to pop your head within side of the door, You'll see so many curious things you never saw before; Will you walk in pretty Fly ?" "My house is always open, says the Spider to the Fly, I'm glad to have the company of all I see go by." "They go in, but don't come out again
  • I've heard of you before," "Oh ? yes, they do, I always leave them out at my back door. "Will you walk in pretty Fly ?" "Will you grant me one sweet kiss, then ?" says the Spider to the Fly "To taste your charming lips
  • I've a cu-ri-os-i-ty. " Said the Fly: "once our lips did meet, a wager I would lay, Of ten to one, you would not let me go away." "Will you walk in pretty Fly ?" "If you won't kiss, will you shake hands?" says the Spider to the Fly, "Before you leave me to myself in sorrow sad to sigh," Oh! says the Fly, " there's nothing handsome unto you belongs, I declare you should not touch me, even with a pair of tongs." "Will you walk in pretty Fly ?" "What handsome wings you've got," says the Spider to the Fly, "If I had but got such a pair, I in the air would fly; 'Tis useless all my wishing, and only idle talk, You can fly up in the air, while I'm obliged to walk. "Will you walk in pretty Fly ?" "For the last time I will ask you
  • will you walk in Mr. Fly ?" "No, if I do may I be shot, I'm off: so now good-bye!" Then up he springs, but both his wings, were in the web caught fast! The Spider laughed; "Ha; ha! my boy, I have you safe at last. Will you walk OUT, pretty Fly ?" MORAL. "And pray how are you NOW ? " Says the Spider to the Fly, "You fools will never wisdom get, unless you dearly buy; 'Tis vanity that ever makes repentance come to late, And you who into cobwebs run, surely deserve your fate; Listen to me, listen to me, foolish little Fly."