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100 1 |a Root, George F.  |q (George Frederick),  |d 1820-1895. 
245 0 0 |a Just before the battle, mother. 
260 |a S.l.  |b s.n.  |c [1862-1865] 
300 |a [4] p. (1 item on 1 sheet) ;  |c ca. 20.5 x 12.5 cm. 
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500 |a First line: Just before the battle, mother. 
500 |a Without music. 
500 |a Date based on sheet music copyright (see Historic American Sheet Music, 1850-1920 from Duke University online) and similar publications. 
500 |a Green text of song, within green-inked decorative border, in three eight-line stanzas, each with four-line chorus. Lined on verso. 
500 |a "Soldiers can receive 14 Songs . . . by addressing G. P. Hardwick, Washington, D.C."--at foot of song sheet. 
500 |a Companion to the song, "Just After the Battle" (see 000341-BROAD, 000342-BROAD and 000961-BROAD). 
500 |a CPM sheet music #002416-BYULG (1862) credits date. 
500 |a OCLC #22865729 credits Root. 
500 |a OCLC #53000015 credits song as an American (Confederate) ballad. 
500 |a OCLC #48091378 credits song as a Minstrel song. 
500 |a OCLC #26531951 cites "Entered according to act of Congress . . . 1865 by J.W. Davies & Sons in . . . Virginia." 
500 |a See variant editions: 000962-BROAD, 000963-BROAD, 001359-BROAD, 001552-BROAD, 002407-BROAD, 002737-BROAD, & 003118-BROAD. 
500 |a binder 16, item 50 
505 0 |a Just before the battle, mother, I'm thinking most of you-- While upon the field we're watching, With the enemy in view. Comrades brave are round me lying, Filled with thoughts of home and God; For well they know that on the morrow, Some will sleep beneath the sod. CHORUS--Farewell! mother, you may never Press me to your heart again; But oh! you'll not forget me, mother, If I'm numbered with the slain! Oh! I long to see you, mother, And the loving ones at home; But I'll never leave our banner Till in honor I can come. Tell the traitors all around you, That their cruel words we know In ev'ry battle kill our soldiers By the help they give the foe. CHORUS. Hark! I hear the bugles sounding-- 'Tis the signal for the fight; Now, may God protect us, mother, As He ever does the right. Hear the "Battle-cry of Freedom," How it swells upon the air! Oh! yes, we'll rally round the standard, Or we'll perish nobly there! CHORUS. 
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856 4 1 |u http://musicman.mtsu.edu/broadsides/Binder16/JPEGmed/3234brom.jpg  |z Image available online, Middle Tennessee State University: Center for Popular Music 
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