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245 0 0 |a Long ago. 
260 |a S.l. :  |b s.n.,  |c [1880-1920] 
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500 |a First line: Oh, do not sing that song again. 
500 |a Without music. 
500 |a Date based on typography and appearance. 
500 |a A curvilinear line separates title from text. 
500 |a Text of song in four eight-line stanzas. 
510 3 |a This edition not in Edwin Wolf's American Song Sheets. 
500 |a binder 14, item 103 
505 0 |a Oh, do not sing that song again, I heard it long ago, My darling sang it to me then In twilight's gentle glow. We stood upon the mossy bridge, And watched the river's flow, But many days have passed since then, For that was long ago. I seem to see my darling now, As in fading light We watch the waves play hide and seek With water lillies white. "'Tis better to have loved and lost," In minor cadence low, The sweet words fell from her red lips, In days long, long ago. The leaves upon the maple trees Had changed from green to red-- When one day in the twilight's glow They told me she was dead! "I worshipped at an earthly shrine," God laid my idol low, But many years have passed since then, For that was long ago. And that is why the little song Gives me such bitter pain, The story of a broken life Seems wedded to the strain. Yet even though I lost her here, I'm glad I loved her so, Glad that she carried there the name I gave her long ago. 
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