Table of Contents:
  • Let me kiss him for his mother Let me kiss his dear youthful brow; I will love him for his mother And seek her blessing now. Kind friends have sooth'd his pillow, Have watched his every care, Beneath the weeping willow, O lay him gently there. CHORUS
  • Sleep, dearest, sleep, I love you as a brother; Kind friends around you weep, I've kissed you for your mother. Let me kiss him for his mother, What though left a lone stranger here . She has loved him as none other, I feel her blessing near. Though cold that form lies sleeping, Sweet angels watch around; Dear friends are near thee weeping; O lay him gently down. CHORUS
  • Sleep, dearest, sleep, &c. Let me kiss him for his mother, Or perchance a fond sister dear; If a father or a brother I know their blessing's here. Then kiss him for his mother, 'Twill soothe her after years; Farewell, dear stranger, brother, Our requiem, our tears. CHORUS.
  • Sleep, dearest, &c.