Tommy, make room for your uncle./ Written and composed by T.S. Lonsdale ; Sung at the California Minstrels, San Francisco.

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Main Author: Lonsdale, T. S.
Format: Book
Published: San Francisco, CA : Bell & Co.., [1872-188?]
Online Access:Image available online, Middle Tennessee State University: Center for Popular Music
Table of Contents:
  • A very well known city man, Presents himself to you, And you may guess when I am dressed, Of girls I know a few. A widow fell in love with me, While riding in a train, She had a blessed boy with her, Who caused us both much pain. CHORUS. Tommy make room for your Uncle, Ther's a little dear; Tommy make room for your Uncle, I want him to sit here. You know Mamma had got a bun, And that she'll give to you; So don't annoy, there's a good boy, Make room for your Uncle, do. When first I met this charming fair, 'Twas on my journey down To spend a day in a quiet way, Just like a swell from town. The Widow loved romantic scenes, And a squeeze on the sky; But when my arm went round her waist, The boy began to cry! SPOKEN.
  • He declared I was hurting his Mamma, and would insist upon sitting between us, only fancy making love to a girl with a boy in the way, but, she said to him in a voice so sweet: CHO. The mother told her loving son To watch the passing train, "But no," he said "my Uncle Fred" Will kiss your hand again, The Widow blushed, a maiden blush, And I was not myself; For who could make love on a seat, In front of that young Elf? SPOKEN.
  • Yes, it would never do to make love before the boy, and the Widow said
  • " Not before the boy, Fred, not before the boy; just then we went under a tunnel, and she said: CHO. We found a quiet snug retreat, I went down on my knees, And asked if she would fly with me Across the bright blue seas. She sighed, and said " You wicked man, But how about the child ?" And clasped him fondly to her breast, While I the agony piled. SPOKEN.
  • I said, "My lovely of all lovely beings, let us fly to some foreign clime, where I will protect you and your boy." She answered, and said, "How about my littel pie shop." "Oh! the Dicken's! do you keep a pie shop!" CHO.