Patrick O'Donnell / by "Mac."

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Main Author: Mac.
Format: Book
Published: Scranton, PA : Mac's Book Store. J.F. McDermott. cph, 1884.
Online Access:Image available online, Middle Tennessee State University: Center for Popular Music
Table of Contents:
  • Swift is the stroke of the vengeance of Erin, Heavy the hand is by which it is dealt, Well may they tremble who cause have of fearing The fall on themselves of that hand of the Celt. Swift has the bullet sped, Low lies the traitor's head, Stricken by death in the hour of his flight, By one whose heart was true His native land unto
  • Gave his life freely to the cause of the right. O'Donnell was brave as his actions have shown him, No treachery lurked in his broad manly breast, No hand had he in the Phoenix Park murders, But had he
  • he ne'er would inform on the rest, So fiercly hated he National Treachery
  • Well might James Carey have feared when he knew, That his identity Would soon discovered be By Patrick O'Donnell so loyal and true. By a picture at Cape Town, O'Donnell discovered That his traveling companion and Carey were one, And on the Melrose a day or two after. Disgusted, he said that their friendship was done. "No longer a friend to you, With informers I've naught to do," Then up sprang James Carey
  • his revolver he drew, But his adversary Much quicker was than he, And firing first the informer he slew. Brought back to England, and tried there for murder, The Jury well packed, for conviction all bound, The Judge so impatient to sentence the prisoner, His black cap brought out ere the verdict was found. "THREE CHEERS FOR OLD IRELAND." Came from the prisoners stand, And 'DOWN WITH THE BRITISH EMPIRE,; quoth he too "FAREWELL AMERICA," Was all he had time to say. O farewell, O'Donnell, O'Donnell so true. In such fearful haste, were the English to hang him The President's request they refused- which they'll rue, But O'Donnell was firm, even death could not daunt him, He gave his life bravely, 'twas all he coul do, "HE DIED FOR HIS NATIVE LAND." What legand one half so grand? A right worthy son of the "dauntless Red Hugh," Sprung from a noble race, Give him his rightful place. Long live thy memory O'Donnell Abu.