Table of Contents:
  • There's an old fashioned homestead that stands by the sea, And a fond, loving mother, full three-score and three, Whose sad tearful eyes wander far o'er the lea, As her lips part to murmur come back, lad, to me! Each night to the window in silence she strays, Where she places a lamp, and its flickering rays Are intended for him who may never return, But brightly the light in the window shall burn! CHORUS. There's a light in the window burns brightly for thee, My brave sailor laddie, so long gone from me; Your absence and silence makes mother's heart yearn, So brightly the light in the window shall burn! Oh, the story is simple, oft told in a day, It was only a sailor who sailed far away, And parted from mother, whose heart beat with care, And a loving voice praying for winds to be fair; Alas! the long years came and went as a dream, Some story of wreckage came from the Gulf stream, So nightly the light from the window it gleams, Intended for him who lives only in dreams.
  • Chorus. The light in the window, in calm or in storm, Was never extinguished till bright early morn; A neighbor, who chanc'd by the window to stray, Discovered the light burning brightly one day; A tap at the door, still no answer there came, He stepped to the window, and peeped thro' the pane; The matron was dead, tho' the light brightly shone, They still keep it burning for one far from home.
  • Chorus.