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099 |a BROAD-001776 
100 1 |a McNaughton, John Hugh,  |d 1829-1891. 
245 1 4 |a The faded coat of blue. 
260 |a NY :  |b Henry J. Wehman,  |c [1880-1886] 
300 |a 1 broadside (1 item on 1 sheet) :  |b ill. ;  |c ca. 24 x 15 cm. 
336 |a text  |b txt  |2 rdacontent 
337 |a unmediated  |2 rdamedia 
338 |a sheet  |b nb  |2 rdacarrier 
500 |a First line: My brave lad, he sleeps in his faded coat of blue. 
500 |a Without music. 
500 |a Henry J. Wehman is listed at 50 Chatham Street in NYC and Brooklyn directories for 1880-1886. 
500 |a "[72]"--Above title. 
500 |a Text of song in four four-line stanzas, each with four-line chorus. 
500 |a Woodcut vignette of various musical instruments and laurels above publisher's address. 
500 |a At foot of song sheet: "Henry J. Wehman, Song Publisher, 50 Chatham St. (Up-Stairs,)--New York." 
500 |a CPM sheet music edition #000417-SMVOL (1865)--credits McNaughton. 
500 |a OCLC broadside #33181694 credits Smith. 
510 4 |a Variant of Edwin Wolf's American Song Sheets  |c #587 
500 |a See variant editions: 001777-BROAD & 003811-BROAD. 
500 |a binder 9, item 109 
505 0 |a My brave lad, he sleeps in his faded coat of blue: In his lonely grave, unknown, lies the heart that beat so true; He sank, faint and hungry, among the famished brave, And they laid him, sad and lonely, within his nameless grave. CHORUS. No more the bugle calls the weary one: Rest, noble spirit, in thy grave unknown; I shall find you and know you among the good and true, Where a robe of white is given for the faded coat of blue. He cried: "Give me water and just one little crumb, And my mother, she will bless you through all the years to come; Oh! tell my sweet sister, so gentle, good and true, That I'll meet her up in Heaven in my faded coat of blue!" No more the bugle calls, &c. "Oh! he said, my dear comrades, you cannot take me home, But you'll mark my grave for mother; she will find it if she comes, I fear she will not know me among the good and true, When a robe of white is given for the faded coat of blue." No more the bugle calls, &c. No dear one was by him to close his sweet blue eyes, And no gentle one was nigh him to give him sweet replies. No stone marks the sod o'er my lad so brave and true, In his lonely grave he sleeps, in his faded coat of blue. No more the bugle calls, &c. 
500 |a Notation: Lyrics only 
590 |a CPM Accession Number: 94-017 Goldstein 
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730 0 |a Song Broadsides 
856 4 1 |u http://musicman.mtsu.edu/broadsides/Binder9/JPEGmed/1776brom.jpg  |z Image available online, Middle Tennessee State University: Center for Popular Music 
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