Table of Contents:
  • What means all this frightful commotion? What has happen'd to make such a din? Like a storm on the turbulent ocean, We hear the loud hub-bub begin. Say, who are the bold agitators That dare to get up such a row? Let us hunt up the rascally Traitors And thoroughly physic them now, And thoroughly physic them now. Let us hunt up the rascally Traitors, And thoroughly physic them now. We'll doctor them all in short metre, And give the dogs physic enough; Charcoal, brimstone, well mix'd with salt petre, And lead pills are the right sort of stuff. But take notice, ye Union haters, It's a fact, by the Doctors confess'd, That of all kinds of Physic for Traitors, Pure Hemp is the finest and best. Pure Hemp, &c. That herb well deserves cultivation, Oh scatter its seed all around,
  • Let it flourish in every plantation, While Rebels and Traitors abound. Down, down with the tyrant "King Cotton,' King Hemp holds the rascal in check. If you cant cure the heart that's all rotten, Try a bandage of Hemp on the neck. Try a bandage , &c. The Goddess of Freedom is quaking, The rebels have frighten'd her so, Her belt is quite loose with hard shaking And her garments have fallen below. Half-stripp'd, while the fierce winds assail her, Her eyes she scares ventures to lift; Still colder she grows and still paler, Having come to her very last shift. Having come, &c. Has Freedom no friends to protect her? Will you see her stripp'd naked and bare By Jeff. Davis, the white-liver'd Hector, Who would soon leave her 'othing to wear.' Jeff. Davis, you poison old adder, The length of your chain you have run; You are puff'd up with wind like a bladder, And we'll bust you as sure as a gun. And we'll bust, &c. Come, volunteers, be ye not laggards, Seize your weapons without more delay, Make a dash at the base Southern blackguards And sweep the vile nuisance away. Down, down with the rogues misbegotten, The bastards of niggers they be; Down, down with the slaves of King Cotton Who shoot at the Flag of the Free. Who shoot, &c. Come, spin a strong rope for Jeff. Davis, And a couple for Yancey and Rhett, (For each a detestable knave is.) Nor Pickens nor Stephens forget. Have a cord for old false-hearted Pillow, Hang old Toombs, (gloomy rogue!) on a willow And let Twiggs to an oak twig be tied. And let Twiggs, &c. Let Chestnut be quickly suspended From a branch of his own name-sake tree; Thus let every scoundrel be ended Who shoots at the Flag of he [sic] Free. Thus deal with the foul instigators, Of treason and treachery base, For Hemp is the Physic for Traitors And the Gallows is their proper place. And the Gallows, &c.