Item Description:binder 7, item 1
First line: Just before the battle, mother.
Without music.
Johnson & Cartlitch is listed at 18 North Tenth St., as Cartlitch & Johnson, in Philadelphia directories for 1865 and 1866.
At head of song sheet: "J. H. Johnson, Song Publisher, 7 N. Tenth St., Philadelphia."
Text of song in three eight-line stanzas, each with four-line chorus.
"The music ... published by Root and Cady ... 95 Clark Street, Chicago . . ."--Below text.
"Johnson & Co. Song Publishers, 18 North Tenth St."--Below border.
"Brooks' Ball Room Monitor, Price 25 Cents."--Below publisher's address.
Companion to the song, "Just After the Battle" (see 000341-BROAD, 000342-BROAD and 000961-BROAD).
OCLC #22865729 credits Root.
OCLC #48091378 credits Minstrel heading.
OCLC #53000015 credits American (Confederate)--ballad heading.
OCLC #26531951 cites "Entered according to act of Congress ... 1865 by J.W. Davies & Sons in ... Virginia."
CPM sheet music #002416-BYULG (1862)--credits date.
See variant editions: 000962-BROAD, 000963-BROAD, 001552-BROAD, 002407-BROAD, 002737-BROAD, 003118-BROAD, and 003234-BROAD.
Notation: Lyrics only
Physical Description:1 broadside ; ca. 21 x 12 cm.