Voices & visions : refiguring ethnography in composition / edited by Cristina Kirklighter, Cloe Vincent, Joseph M. Moxley.

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Other Authors: Kirklighter, Cristina., Vincent, Cloe., Moxley, Joseph Michael.
Format: Book
Published: Portsmouth, NH : Boynton/Cook, c1997.
Table of Contents:
  • North northwest: ethnography and the making of knowledge in composition / H. Eric Branscomb
  • Ethnographic practice as a means of invention: seeking a rhetorical paradigm for ethnographic writing / Robert Brooke
  • Ethnography or psychography? The evolution and ethics of a new genre in composition / Keith Rhodes
  • Composition's appropriation of ethnographic authority / Kristi Yager
  • Covering one's tracks: respecting and preserving informant anonymity / John Lofty and Richard Blot
  • Materialist methods: ethnography and transformation / Gwen Gorzelsky
  • Writing through the grapevine: the influence of social network clusters on team-written texts / Geoffrey A. Cross
  • Writing bio (life) into ethnography / Ruoyi Wu
  • Describing the cultures of the classroom: problems in classroom ethnography / Kay Losey
  • Between you and me: plotting the contours of the writing conference / Marcy Taylor
  • Having been there: the second ethnography and on / Wendy Bishop
  • Ethnographic dissertations: understanding and negotiating the traps / Mara Casey, Kate Garretson, Carol Peterson Haviland, and Neal Learner.