Faux pas / Maurice Blanchot ; translated by Charlotte Mandell.

Bibliographic Details
Main Author: Blanchot, Maurice.
Format: Book
Published: Stanford, Calif. : Stanford University Press, 2001.
Series:Meridian (Stanford, Calif.)
Table of Contents:
  • Kierkegaard's Journals
  • Master Eckhart
  • The marriage of heaven and hell
  • On Hindu thought
  • Inner experience
  • The experience of Proust
  • Rilke
  • The myth of Sisyphus
  • The myth of Orestes
  • The myth of Phaedra
  • The notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci
  • How is literature possible?
  • Studies on language
  • Literature
  • The silence of Mallarmé
  • Is Mallarmé's poetry obscure?
  • Bergson and symbolism
  • Poetics
  • The baroque poets of the seventeenth century
  • Reflections on the new poetry
  • Involuntary poetry
  • Poetry and language
  • After Rimbaud
  • Léon-Paul Fargue and poetic creation
  • Lamartine's position
  • An edition of Flowers of evil
  • Mallarmé and the art of the novel
  • Lautréamont
  • The art of the novel in Balzac
  • The new novel
  • The enigma of the novel
  • The birth of a myth
  • Mythological novels
  • The novel and poetry
  • Poetry and the novel
  • Translated from silence
  • The novel of the stranger
  • The angel of the bizarre
  • Chaminadour
  • The novel and morality
  • The secret of Melville
  • Interior monologue
  • Time and the novel
  • A work by Ernst Jünger
  • Molière
  • Stendhal and sensitive souls
  • Goethe and Eckermann
  • André Gide and Goethe
  • The solitude of Péguy
  • The criticism of Albert Thibaudet
  • A work by Paul Claudel
  • On the subject of The fruits of the earth
  • Alain's thinking
  • On insolence considered as one of the fine arts.