David James

David James may refer to:

*David James (actor, born 1839) (1839–1893), English comic actor and one of the founders of London's Vaudeville Theatre *David James (actor, born 1967) (born 1967), Australian television and film actor; and former presenter of ABC's ''Play School'' *David James (actor, born 1972) (born 1972), South African film, theater, and television actor known for playing Koobus Venter in the 2009 film ''District 9'' *David James (astronomer), British discoverer of minor planets with the Dark Energy Survey *David James (Australian politician) (died 1926), member of the South Australia House of Assembly *David James (bishop) (born 1945), bishop of Bradford *David James (cell biologist) (born 1958), cell biologist who discovered the glucose transporter GLUT4 *David James (cricketer, born 1921) (1921–2002), Welsh cricketer *David James (cricketer, born 1791) (1791–1846), English cricketer *David James (footballer, born 1970), English goalkeeper *David James (footballer, born 1942), Scottish winger *David James (footballer, born 1917), Welsh forward *David James (painter) (1853–1904), British painter *David James (American politician) (1843–1921), member of the Wisconsin State Senate *David James (British MP) (1919–1986), British politician and member of the Conservative Party *David James, Baron James of Blackheath (born 1937), British corporate trouble-shooter, former chairman of the Millennium Dome, and author of the Conservative Party's James Report *David James (rugby, born 1866) (1866–1929), Welsh international rugby player *David James (rugby, born 1906) (1906–1981), Welsh rugby union and professional rugby league footballer *David James (rugby, born 1985) (born 1985), Welsh rugby league player *David James (sailor) (born 1949), American Olympic sailor *David James (singer), Canadian country music singer *David Gwilym James (1905–1968), vice chancellor of the University of Southampton *Dewi James, Welsh businessman, known in the United States as David James *Dai James (David James, 1899 – after 1929), Welsh footballer with Aberdare Athletic and Brighton & Hove Albion Provided by Wikipedia
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