Grace Chisholm Young

Grace Chisholm Young (née Chisholm, 15 March 1868 – 29 March 1944) was an English mathematician. She was educated at Girton College, Cambridge, England and continued her studies at Göttingen University in Germany, where in 1895 she received a doctorate. This was four years after the decease of Sofya Kovalevskaya, who was the first woman to have received a doctorate at a northern European University, also Göttingen, in 1874, after being tutored privately by her supervisor Karl Weierstrass in the period 1870-1874. Her early writings were published under the name of her husband, William Henry Young, and they collaborated on mathematical work throughout their lives. For her work on calculus (1914–16), she was awarded the Gamble Prize for Mathematics by Girton College, University of Cambridge. Provided by Wikipedia