List of iZombie characters

Gwendolyn Rose "Gwen" Dylan (née Price) is the series' main protagonist. After rising from her grave as a zombie with scattered memories of her past, Gwen takes up residence in her graveyard's crypt, taking a job as a gravedigger so she could have access to the brains required every 30 days to stave off mindlessness by absorbing residue soul essence (in-doing so inheriting parts of the deceased's thoughts and memories), and befriending a local ghost named Ellie and were-terrier named Scott. Several years after becoming a zombie, Gwen learns she was resurrected by local mummy John Amon, seeking her assistance in preventing the dark god Xitalu from consuming the souls of everyone on Earth. Able to pass as human, Gwen begins dating a monster hunter named Horatio, who is initially unaware of her undead status, while Scott begins dating Gwen's brother Gavin, both unaware of their relation. Ultimately, Amon and Gwen are revealed to have known each other before her death, and she had voluntarily killed herself in order to become a zombie and defeat Xitalu. However, upon Xitalu's arrival, Gwen decides to go against Amon's plan to sacrifice the souls of her town to stave of Xitalu for another few millennia, and instead, recognizing his method of absorbing souls to be identical to her own brain consumption, and that Xitalu is themselves a "cosmic zombie", Gwen absorbs Xitalu's soul, becoming a celestial being larger than the Earth. Bidding her friends and family goodbye, Gwen ascends to the cosmos. Provided by Wikipedia
by Stuart, Eleanor, 1876-
Published 1913
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