Alma Hogan Snell

Alma Hogan Snell (January 10, 1923 – May 5, 2008) was an American Crow tribal historian, educator, and herbalist. She was the granddaughter of Pretty Shield.

Snell lectured throughout the United States on the healing properties and benefits of plants, as well as on the subject of health and wellbeing. She also authored two books: ''A Taste of Heritage'' and ''Grandmother's Grandchild: My Crow Indian Life''.

Alma Hogan Snell died in Billings, Montana, at the age of 85 on May 5, 2008. She was a resident of Yellowtail, Montana. She was survived by her husband Bill Snell and her sons Bill Snell Jr. and Ted Hogan. and her two daughters Faith Chosa and Pearl Buchanan. Provided by Wikipedia
by Snell, Alma Hogan.
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