Paul M. Smith (photographer)

Paul M. Smith (born 1969) is a British photographer and educator. Head of School, Media and Performing Arts. BA Hons Photography course within Coventry University Department of Media.

[Smith] originally studied Fine Art [between 1991 and 1995] at Coventry University and as part of his course he undertook a research project into contemporary art which included living on an Aboriginal reserve for four months.

After completing his degree at Coventry he completed a Master's degree in Photography at the Royal College of Art. During this time he examined the meaning and construction of masculinity, concentrating on the cultural and visual creation of various alpha male identities.

He has subjected various forms of heroic behaviour to incredible scrutiny. Smith has travelled from 'Soldier' via 'Action Hero' to arrive in his current body of work, the forensic vision of death presented as a new series called 'Impact'.

"Smith's commissioned work includes pieces for Channel 4, Mattersons, and the CD cover for Robbie Williams' ''Sing When You're Winning''."

In 2001 he was the recipient of the Vic Odden Award from the Royal Photographic Society. Provided by Wikipedia