Marie-Monique Robin

Marie-Monique Robin in 2009 Marie-Monique Robin (born 15 June 1960, Poitou-Charentes) is a French TV journalist and documentary filmmaker. She generally issues books and documentary films together on the topics she investigates, in order to make more people aware of the issues she studies.

Her work has been recognized by numerous awards: the 1995 Albert Londres Prize for ''Voleurs d'yeux'' (1994), an exposé about organ theft; best political documentary award from the French Senate for ''Escadrons de la mort, l'école française'' (2003), her film about France's transfer of counter-insurgency techniques (including torture) to Argentina; and the Rachel Carson Prize for ''Le monde selon Monsanto'' (2008), her film on Monsanto and challenges to the environment from its products, including GMOs. Provided by Wikipedia