Nelly Richard

Nelly Richard (born 1948) is a Chilean cultural theorist and editor of the ''Revista de crítica cultural''. Among her books are ''The Insubordination of Signs'' and ''Cultural Residues''.

Critic Jon Beasley-Murray writes in a review of her work that "Nelly Richard has been for over two decades the most tireless campaigner and theorist for the potential and role of art, first in dictatorial and then in postdictatorial Chile, and more broadly in the current neoliberal and postideological condition that first emerged under General Augusto Pinochet but now affects us all."

Richard has been important in disseminating the work of contemporary thinkers and writers such as Beatriz Sarlo, Néstor García Canclini, Jacques Derrida, Ernesto Laclau, Frederic Jameson, Jesús Martín Barbero, and Diamela Eltit throughout Latin America.

Marisol Vera, editorial director of Cuarto Proprio, writes in the introduction to the 1994 edition ''La insubordinación de los signos'' that "her texts, and their attendant discussions, enable a field of inquiry that are vital for cultural reflection and critical debate in the post-transition years."

In the introduction to the English translation of ''La insubordinación de los signos'', Alice A. Nelson and Silvia R. Tandeciarz write that Richard's work is located at "the intersection of literary criticism, art history, aesthetics, philosophy, and feminist theory." Provided by Wikipedia