Daniel Picouly

| birth_place = Villemomble, France | occupation = Writer }} Daniel Picouly (born 21 October 1948 in Villemomble) is a French writer.

He was raised in a family of 13 children. His parents were born in the French overseas territory of Martinique. He became a professor of economics in Paris.

In 1992 he published his first novel, ''The Light of fools,'' with the help of Daniel Pennac. He had a great success in 1995, with ''The Field of people''. In this book, as in many others, he recounts his childhood in a novel. He played himself in the film ''Imposture'' (2005).

He was the host of a cultural program on France 5, ''Café Picouly''. From September 2008 to June 2009, he presented '''' on France 2, before returning to France 5 in September 2009 with its ''Café Picouly''.

He is a jury member on Le Prince Maurice and RFO prizes. Provided by Wikipedia