Pat Parker

Pat Parker (January 20, 1944 – June 19, 1989) was an African-American lesbian feminist poet and activist. Her poetry spoke about her tough childhood growing up in poverty, dealing with sexual assault, and the murder of a sister. At eighteen, Parker was in an abusive relationship having a miscarriage after being pushed down a flight of stairs. After two divorces she came out as lesbian “embracing her sexuality” she was liberated and “knew no limits when it came to expressing the innermost parts of herself”. Parker participated in political activism and had early involvement with the Black Panther Party, Black Women's Revolutionary Council and formed the Women's Press Collective. She participated in many forms of activism especially regarding gay and lesbian communities, domestic violence, and rights of people of color. She released five poetry collections: ''Child of Myself'' (1972), ''Pit Stop'' (1975), ''Movement in Black'' (1978), ''Woman Slaughter'' (1978), and ''Jonestown and Other Madness'' (1985). Provided by Wikipedia
by Parker, Pat, 1944-1989.
Published 1985