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Gloria Parker

Gloria Parker in a 1944 advertisement Gloria Parker is an American musician and bandleader who had a radio show during the big band era. ''The Gloria Parker Show'' was broadcast nightly from 1950 to 1957, coast to coast on WABC. Parker entertained her audience by playing the marimba, organ, and the singing glasses (glass harp). Dubbed ''Princess of the Marimba'', she conducted the 21-piece Swingphony from the Kelly Lyceum Ballroom in Buffalo, New York. This was the largest big band led by a female bandleader. Edgar Battle and Walter Thomas were arrangers for the Swingphony.

Parker is also known for her starring roles in music films (Soundies), such as ''Broadway and Main'' with Stepin Fetchit, ''Four Letters'', ''Here Comes the Fattest Man in Town'' with comedic personality Mel Blanc as Santa Claus, ''Penthouse Party'' featuring Parker playing the glass harp, and ''Wise Men Say'', all produced and directed by William Forest Crouch. She composed the music and wrote the lyrics for the films. Soundies were viewed on a Panoram, a coin-operated film jukebox in bars, nightclubs, restaurants, amusement parks, and community centers. Provided by Wikipedia