Robert MacDonald

Robert MacDonald may refer to:

*Robert MacDonald (cricketer) (1870–1946), Australian cricketer *Robert J. MacDonald (1914–1987), politician in Michigan *Robert MacDonald (British politician), British Member of Parliament for Glasgow Cathcart, 1923–1929 *Robert MacDonald (special effects artist) (1912–1989), visual effects artist of ''Ben-Hur'' *Robert David MacDonald (1929–2004), Scottish playwright, translator, and theatre director *Robert E. Macdonald (born 1947), American mayor of Lewiston, Maine *Robert W. MacDonald, insurance executive *Robert MacDonald (minister) (1813-1893), Moderator of the General Assembly of the Free Church of Scotland in 1882

Robert McDonald may refer to: *Robert McDonald (missionary) (1829–1913), Episcopalian missionary in the Arctic *Robert Ross McDonald (1888–1964), Australian politician *Robert McDonald, known as Whitey McDonald (1902–1956), Canadian soccer player who earned two caps with Ireland *Robert N. McDonald (born 1952), justice of the Maryland Court of Appeals *Robert McDonald (Medal of Honor), American Indian Wars soldier, see 5th Infantry Regiment *Robert McDonald (footballer), footballer for Manchester City

Rob MacDonald or McDonald may refer to: *Rob McDonald (born 1959), English footballer for Hull City, Newcastle United *Rob MacDonald (born 1978), Canadian mixed martial arts fighter

Bob MacDonald or McDonald may refer to: *Bob MacDonald (golfer) (1885–1960), Scottish-American professional golfer *Bob McDonald (Scottish footballer) (1895–1971), footballer for Inverness Caledonian, Tottenham Hotspur *Bob McDonald (Australian footballer) (1895–1979), Australian rules footballer for South Melbourne *Bob McDonald (ice hockey) (1923–1977), former professional ice hockey player *Bob McDonald (bowls) (1933–2006), New Zealand bowls player *Bob MacDonald (baseball) (born 1965), American former Major League Baseball pitcher *Bob MacDonald (journalist) (1929–2006), Canadian columnist for the ''Toronto Telegram'' and ''Toronto Sun'' *Bob McDonald (politician) (1931–2002), Canadian Member of Parliament and football player *Bob McDonald (businessman) (born 1953), U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs, CEO Procter and Gamble *Bob McDonald (science journalist) (born 1951), for Canadian program ''Quirks and Quarks''

Bobby McDonald may refer to: *Bobby McDonald (born 1955), Scottish footballer for Coventry City and Oxford United Provided by Wikipedia
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