Lao She

Shu Qingchun (3 February 189924 August 1966), known by his pen name Lao She, was a Manchu novelist and dramatist. He was a writer of 20th-century Chinese literature, known for his novel ''Rickshaw Boy'' and the play ''Teahouse'' (茶馆). He was of Manchu ethnicity, and his works are known for their vivid use of the Beijing dialect.

Lao She was a writer whose life span covered all stages of modern China: the Qing dynasty, the Republic and the Communists.

Lao She was greatly influenced by the writer Charles Dickens. Born during the end of the Qing dynasty, Lao She was from the Manchu Sumuru clan and experienced the Boxer Rebellion first hand as well as the atrocities committed Eight-Nation Alliance. The experience scarred him. During the Cultural Revolution, Shu was tortured by the Red Guards, causing him to go insane mentally. Shu died by committing suicide by drowning himself or was possibly murdered. Provided by Wikipedia
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