Vaughan Kester

Kester, ca. 1900 Vaughan or Vaughn Kester (September 12, 1869 – July 4, 1911) was an American novelist and journalist.

He was the elder brother of dramatist and author Paul Kester (1870–1933).

His style and topics were influenced by his travels through western and southern U.S., and by his mother's cousin William Dean Howells. His novel ''The Manager of the B & A'' was made into a film in 1916 directed by J.P. McGowan, with Leo Maloney and Helen Holmes, reissued in 1921 as ''The Man from Medicine Hat''. He married Jessie B. Jennings from Mount Vernon, Ohio on August 31, 1898. They had no children.

In 1902, with his brother, he purchased and renovated Woodlawn Plantation. From 1907, he lived at Gunston Hall, where he wrote ''The Prodigal Judge'', and where he died. A memorial in his honor was placed by his mother in Pohick Church, which had at one time been the parish church of Gunston Hall. Provided by Wikipedia
by Kester, Vaughan, 1869-1911.
Published 1907
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