Greg Keeler

Greg Keeler is a Montana songwriter, poet, writer, artist, humorist, and professor. He also plays the guitar, harmonica, and kazoo. Keeler was born in the flatlands of Oklahoma with his one brother. Keeler was a professor at Montana State University where he taught creative writing and contemporary literature. Keeler started teaching at Montana State University in 1975. He graduated with a master's degree from Oklahoma State University and later went on to earn his D.A. from Idaho State University. He has published three books, written collections of poetry, has produced six plays, recorded ten tapes and CDs, and has published many articles in magazines and journals. His paintings have gone up for display in exhibits at MSU and in Butte. Keeler is the father of two sons and is married to Judy Keeler, a retired adjunct professor of English at MSU. Provided by Wikipedia
by Keeler, Greg.
Published 2008