James Kendall Hosmer

James Kendall Hosmer in 1912 | birth_place = Northfield, Massachusetts, U.S. | death_date = | death_place = Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S. | alma_mater = Harvard University | occupation = | father = George Washington Hosmer | spouse = | allegiance = United States | branch = Union Army | unit = 52nd Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteers | battles = American Civil War | signature = James Kendall Hosmer signature.jpg }}

James Kendall Hosmer (January 29, 1834 – May 11, 1927) was an American (Union) soldier during the American Civil War, a pastor, library director, historian, author and a professor of history and literature. Members of the Hosmer family fought in the French and Indian War, American Revolution and the Civil War. As a pastor of the First Church in Deerfield, Massachusetts he left the ministry, feeling duty bound to join the U.S. Army to serve in the Civil War, insisting to serve at the front, where he participated in several major campaigns. As an author and historian he later wrote and published several works about and involving the Civil War and how he viewed the cause of both the North and South. He also authored a number of other works relating to early American history, along with several novels and a fair number of poems. Hosmer also reviewed and published accounts about the Lewis and Clark Expedition at a time when full accounts of the expedition were very few in number and out of print. During his career he corresponded with many prominent writers and historians involving his works. In his latter life he held several prominent positions in various literary associations, including his position as president of the American Library Association. Provided by Wikipedia
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