Agnes Leonard Hill

"[[A Woman of the Century]]" Agnes Leonard Hill (, Leonard; pen names, Mollie Myrtle and Garth Godfrey; January 20, 1842 – January 20, 1917) was an American journalist, newspaper founder and publisher, as well as an author and poet, an evangelist and a social reformer. Born in Louisville, Kentucky, her mother died when Hill was a small child, and with her father remaining unmarried, and very indulgent, Hill led a roving, gypsy sort of life, following her own inclinations, and studying persons rather than books. From earliest childhood, she evinced a fondness for writing.

As an adult, Hill lived in Chicago, Illinois and Denver, Colorado. She wrote editorials for various newspapers of those cities and states. Hill was the author of ''Vanquished'', ''Heights and Depths'', ''Hints on How to Talk'', ''Myrtle Blossoms'', ''Said Confidentially'', ''What Makes Social Leadership'', ''Who are the Vulgar?'', ''How to Give Gifts Acceptably'', ''Evidences of Reincarnation'', ''Christian Science vs. Commons Sense'', and ''The Coming Religion''. Widowed twice, she made a living from her writing, but she is also remembered for her evangelism in the United States and England, her lectures on literature, and her outreach to convicts in penitentiaries, jails, and prisons.

Hill was regarded as one of the noted writers, poets, and evangelists in the U.S. and was considered by many as an authority on social customs and correct behavior. She was honored in the U.S., France and Germany for her writings. Provided by Wikipedia
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