Kendall Hart

[[Sarah Michelle Gellar Kendall Hart is a fictional character from ''All My Children'', an American soap opera on the ABC network. The character was portrayed by Sarah Michelle Gellar from March 11, 1993, to July 3, 1995, and by Alicia Minshew from January 2002 until the show's series finale on September 23, 2011. On March 7, 2013, it was announced that Minshew would guest star on the Prospect Park's continuation of ''All My Children''. She appeared on the second July 8 episode, and exited the same day.

Kendall is the daughter of Erica Kane, a child conceived when Erica was raped on the night of her 14th birthday by movie matinee idol Richard Fields. Emerging as one of daytime television's most popular and layered characters, Kendall was originally written as a complex villain, described as a "complicated bad girl" and "the scheming daughter of the biggest schemer of them all, Erica Kane," but was later reformed. The writers scripted her as a heroine, while keeping devious aspects of the character intact. Provided by Wikipedia
by Hart, Kendall.
Published 2008