Sophie Haroutunian-Gordon

Sophie Haroutunian-Gordon is a published contributor to the field of Education. She is the Director of the Master of Science in Education Program at Northwestern University, where she is also a professor in the School of Education and Social Policy. She teaches with a focus in the philosophy of education, teacher education, interpretive discussion, and philosophy of psychology. Haroutunian-Gordon began teaching in the Glencoe area of Illinois - she taught sixth grade for five years. She left the faculty of the Department of Education at University of Chicago in 1991, and soon came to Northwestern University to direct the Master of Science in Education Program. Her published work ranges from psychology to the philosophy of education and teacher education. According to Northwestern University, "her second book, ''Turning the Soul: Teaching Through Conversation'', received the American Education Studies Critics Choice Award in 1994. In 1996 she helped to form the Urban/Suburban-Northwestern Consortium of schools, which has received funding from the Joyce Foundation. Haroutunian-Gordon is immediate past president of the Philosophy of Education Society (2003–04)." Provided by Wikipedia
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Published 1989
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