Sebastian Haffner

Raimund Pretzel (27 December 1907 – 2 January 1999), better known by his pseudonym Sebastian Haffner, was a German journalist and historian. As an émigré in Britain during World War II, Haffner argued that accommodation was impossible not only with Adolf Hitler but also with the German ''Reich'' with which Hitler had gambled. Peace could be secured only by rolling back "seventy-five years of German history" and restoring Germany to a network of smaller states.

As a journalist in West Germany, Haffner's conscious effort "to dramatize, to push differences to the top," precipitated breaks with editors both liberal and conservative. His intervention in the Spiegel affair of 1962, and his contributions to the "anti-fascist" rhetoric of the student New Left, sharply raised his profile.

After parting ways with ''Stern'' magazine in 1975, Haffner produced widely read studies focussed on what he saw as fateful continuities in the history of the German Reich (1871–1945). His posthumously published pre-war memoir, ''Geschichte eines Deutschen: Die Erinnerungen 1914–1933'' (''Defying Hitler: A Memoir'') (2003) won him new readers in Germany and abroad. Provided by Wikipedia
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