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Sao Feng is portrayed by Chow Yun-fat. Sao Feng is the pirate lord of the South China Sea and his character is based on the legendary Chinese pirate Cheung Po Tsai. He appears in ''At World's End''. Feng is depicted as an unscrupulous pirate who will do anything to join with the winning side, which he considers to be "just good business".

In ''At World's End'', Barbossa and Elizabeth intend to rescue Jack Sparrow from Davy Jones' Locker. They visit Feng at his bathhouse in Singapore, requesting a ship and a crew. Feng is suspicious and informs them that earlier that day, Will Turner attempted to steal the navigational charts to World's End. Barbossa and Elizabeth deny knowing Will, but when Feng threatens to kill him, Elizabeth reacts, confirming they are allies. Barbossa explains that the Brethren Court has been summoned to convene on Shipwreck Cove and Feng, being one of the nine Pirate Lords, is honor-bound to attend. Feng demands to know why they want to sail to the Locker. When Will admits they want to rescue Jack, Feng becomes enraged and declares that he would only resurrect Sparrow to kill him in person.

Feng, Elizabeth, and Barbossa are interrupted by the East India Trading Company, led by Mr. Mercer. During the battle, Feng and Will confront each other while Mercer secretly listens in. Will tells Feng that if he wishes to make a deal with the EITC then he needs what Will offers—the two strike a deal. Will wants ''Black Pearl'' to free his father from Davy Jones. In exchange, Feng can have Jack Sparrow to barter to the East India Trading Company for his own freedom. Feng agrees and provides Will with a ship and crew, then covers Will and the others' escape from Singapore. Unbeknownst to Will, however, Feng makes his own deal with the East India Trading Company to turn over all the pirates, including Will, in exchange for ''Black Pearl'' and his own freedom.

After Jack and ''Black Pearl'' are rescued, Will leads them to an island where he and Feng arranged to meet. Jack, Barbossa and the crew are taken captive when Feng arrives in ''Empress''. After a brief confrontation between the parties, Feng directs Sparrow's attention to Lord Cutler Beckett's approaching ship, ''Endeavour''. Feng hands over Sparrow and the crew to the East India Trading Company, but learns Beckett is keeping ''Black Pearl''. Barbossa then sways Feng to their side by revealing that he intends to release Calypso from her human form. Feng, mistaking Elizabeth for Calypso, aids their escape in exchange for her.

In his quarters, Feng reveals that he believes Elizabeth is Calypso. He tells Elizabeth it was the first Brethren Court who imprisoned the sea goddess, Calypso, in human form. Elizabeth pretends to be Calypso, and discusses with Feng what she might do for him if freed. When she asks what would happen if she refused to grant her favors, he suggests he would take them by force. He then forcefully kisses her, but she pushes him away. While angrily approaching her once more, he is caught by cannon fire as ''Flying Dutchman'' suddenly attacks. When the smoke clears Elizabeth finds Feng under a small pile of rubble, impaled with a huge piece of drift wood. Dying, Feng pronounces Elizabeth the captain of ''Empress'', and gives her his "piece of eight", a jade stone on a necklace, telling her that she must take his place at the Brethren Court. Elizabeth becomes the Pirate Lord of the South China Sea. His last words are, "Forgive me, Calypso." Provided by Wikipedia
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