Alec Greven

Alec Greven is a ''New York Times'' best-selling child self-help author. His first book, ''How to Talk to Girls'', was published when he was nine years old. He has subsequently published two additional books, ''How to Talk to Moms'' and ''How to Talk to Dads''. He released his fourth book, ''How to Talk to Santa'', in 2009, and a fifth book, ''Rules for School'', in 2010.

He appeared on ''The Ellen DeGeneres Show'' in February, and December 2008 and April 2009, and on NBC's ''Late Night with Conan O'Brien'' in December 2008. On February 12, 2009, he also appeared on ''The Tonight Show with Jay Leno''.

Greven appeared a second time on ''The Ellen DeGeneres Show'' in April 2009 to promote his two new books, ''How to Talk to Dads'' and ''How to Talk to Moms''. Provided by Wikipedia
by Greven, Alec.
Published 2008