John Graves

John Graves may refer to:

* John Graves (author) (1920–2013), U.S. author * John Graves (MP) for Kingston upon Hull * John Graves (racing driver), American racing driver * John Graves (rugby league) (1926–1983), Australian rugby league footballer * John Graves (American football) (born 1987), American football defensive tackle * John George Graves (1866–1945), English entrepreneur * John T. Graves (1806–1870), Irish mathematician * John Temple Graves (1856–1925), American politician * John Thomas Graves (1842–1950), last surviving Confederate soldier from the American Civil War * John Woodcock Graves (1795–1886), Anglo-Australian composer and poet * Tom Graves (John Thomas Graves, Jr., born 1970), U.S. politician Provided by Wikipedia
by Bones, Jim.
Published 1975
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