USS George (DE-697)


|Ship name=USS ''George'' |Ship namesake=Eugene F. George |Ship ordered=1942 |Ship builder=Defoe Shipbuilding Company, Bay City, Michigan |Ship laid down=22 May 1943 |Ship launched=14 August 1943 |Ship acquired= |Ship commissioned=20 November 1943 |Ship decommissioned=8 October 1958 |Ship in service= |Ship out of service= |Ship struck=1 November 1969 |Ship renamed= |Ship reclassified= |Ship homeport= |Ship motto= |Ship nickname= |Ship honors=2 battle stars (World War II) |Ship fate=Sold for scrapping, 12 October 1970 |Ship status= |Ship notes= }}

|Ship displacement=* light * standard |Ship length= |Ship beam= |Ship draft= |Ship depth= |Ship hold depth= |Ship propulsion=*2 × boilers *General Electric turbo-electric drive * *2 × solid manganese-bronze 3-bladed propellers, diameter, pitch *2 × rudders |Ship speed= |Ship range= |Ship complement=186 |Ship armament=*3 × 3"/50 caliber guns *1 × quad 1.1"/75 caliber gun *8 × single 20 mm guns *1 × triple 21 inch (533 mm) torpedo tubes *1 × Hedgehog anti-submarine mortar (144 rounds) *8 × K-gun depth charge projectors *2 × depth charge tracks |Ship armor= |Ship notes= }} |} '''USS ''George'' (DE-697)''' was a . She was the second ship of the United States Navy named after Seaman Second Class Eugene F. George (1925–1942), who was posthumously awarded the Navy Cross for his heroism on at the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal. Provided by Wikipedia
by George, Eugene.
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