Louise Forsslund

Louise Forsslund circa 1909 Louise Forsslund (March 13, 1873 - May 2, 1910) was the pen name of American author Mary Louise Foster, who wrote a number of short stories and novels in the first decade of the 20th century. Forsslund was her father's surname before he Americanized it to Foster, and she incorporated some of his many experiences into her stories.

Her short stories appeared in publications including the ''Ladies' Home Journal'', ''The Century Magazine'', and ''Tom Watson's Magazine''.

Her last novel, ''Old Lady Number 31'', was turned into a play in 1916-17 and the silent film Old Lady 31 in 1920.

She was a native of Sayville, New York, and died on May 2, 1910 in nearby Brentwood, New York. She married Charles Carey Waddell in 1906, who authored ''The Van Suyden Sapphires'' under the name Charles Carey. Provided by Wikipedia
by Forsslund, Louise, 1873-1910.
Published 1909
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