Alfred Diamant

}} Alfred Diamant (September 25, 1917 – May 11, 2012) was an Austrian-born American political scientist. His main contribution was in the field of comparative politics and comparative public administration. He was a member of the Comparative Administration Group (CAG) and a co-chairperson of the Council for European Studies based at Columbia University. According to Peter Alexis Gourevitch, Diamant was both "on the Executive Committee of the Council for European Studies (based in New York) and the Interuniversity Center for European Studies in Montreal". Diamant's areas of expertise were "Comparative Western European Politics and Social Policy". Together with his colleague, James Christoph, he "established Indiana University as a major site of the study of European culture, society and politics". John D. Martz called the works of Maurice Duvergier, Sigmund Neumann and Diamant that focus on the study of political parties "Western European-oriented classics". D.B. Robertson saw Diamant as "a gifted and humane scholar". Provided by Wikipedia
by Diamant, Alfred.
Published 1959