Marianne Carus

Marianne Carus (June 16, 1928 – March 3, 2021) was a German-born American editor and publisher known for creating the children's magazine ''Cricket''.

Responding to educators who were using the basic readers created by her and her husband, Carus began outlining a children's literary magazine. She was inspired by ''St. Nicholas'', started in 1873 and edited by Mary Mapes Dodge. Carus was not personally knowledgeable about publishing so she brought together a team of experts to act as her editorial board including Eleanor Cameron, Virginia Haviland, Clifton Fadiman, Lloyd Alexander, Isaac Bashevis Singer, and art director Trina Schart Hyman. Unlike other children's publications of the time, the magazine had hand-drawn covers which included a volume and issue number.

Carus served as editor-in-chief of the publications for more than 35 years. She was known for encouraging children to write in or submit drawings to the publication, and would often hire people from other types of publications and train them to work in children's literature. She was also highly competitive as to which submissions she would accept for publication. Cricket Magazine Group expanded to publish ''Ladybug'' in 1990, ''Spider'' in 1994, ''Babybug'' in 1995 and ''Cicada'' in 1998. While other children's publications at the time avoided topics that could be considered "edgy," Carus tried to make ''Cricket'' reflect gender and ethnic diversity, often specifically soliciting stories about girls to balance the existing stories she had.

Carus ran Carus Publishing Company which owned Open Court Publishing Company as well as Cricket Magazine Group, and Cobblestone Publishing. The company was acquired by ePals Corporation in 2011. Provided by Wikipedia
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