Clara Louise Burnham

Clara Louise Burnham (May 25, 1854 – June 20, 1927) was an American novelist. After the success of ''No Gentlemen'' (1881), other books followed, including ''A Sane Lunatic'' (1882), ''Dearly Bought'' (1884), ''Next Door'' (1886), ''Young Maids and Old'' (1888), ''The Mistress of Beech Knoll'' (1890), and ''Miss Bagg's Secretary'' (1892). The daughter of George Frederick Root, she wrote the text for several his most successful cantatas. The 1923 film, ''A Chapter in Her Life'' is based on Burnham's 1903 novel ''Jewel: A Chapter in Her Life''. Born in Massachusetts, she died at the family home in Maine in 1927. Provided by Wikipedia
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