Charles Boyle

Charles Boyle may refer to:

* Charles Boyle, 3rd Viscount Dungarvan (1639–1694), British politician * Charles Boyle, 2nd Earl of Burlington (died 1704), British politician * Charles Boyle, 4th Earl of Orrery (1674–1731), author, soldier and statesman; namesake of the orrery * Charles Boyle, 2nd Viscount Blesington (died 1732), Irish peer and member of the House of Lords * Charles Boyle, 10th Earl of Cork (1861–1925), Irish soldier and peer * Charles Boyle (poet) (born 1951), British poet * Charles A. Boyle (1907–1959), U.S. Representative from Illinois * Charles Cavendish Boyle (1849–1916), British colonial administrator * Charles Edmund Boyle (1836–1888), U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania * Charles J. Boyle (1877–1947), American football player and coach * Charles P. Boyle (1892–1968), American cinematographer * Charles Boyle (Brooklyn Nine-Nine), fictional character from American police television sitcom ''Brooklyn Nine-Nine'' Provided by Wikipedia